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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Twice the speed when they're petite

I went out to a club last night and after some mingling this cute petite Latina girl comes over and starts to flirt with me. I barely introduce myself and she's grabbing my hand and using it to stroke her legs. After a few smiles I lean in and kiss her. She smiles, and grabs my cock. I ask her to leave and we walk out with her hands on my chest. As soon as we get out of the place she gives me this deep deep kiss from which I barely recover. We get in my Z35 and she rubs my cock all the way to my apartment. She grabs it out before we even get inside, and I'm surprised her little body could take all of me. She screamed like a chipmunk for half an hour as I fucked her little brain out. I couldn't stand it much longer, so I filled her up and had a smoke.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Chubby Japanese Fun

So I went in for a walk-in today with a counsellor. It turns out she was a cute 30 something japanese woman, chubby in a cute way with a pretty face. She was beaming at me when she brought me in. We were chatting for quite a while, but eventually all my mind could think about was opening up those thick thighs and riding her like a pony. I smiled sheepishly.

"Anything else?"

I thought twice before going on, I figured it wasn't worth making it awkward by flirting. Still, I couldn't resist.

"Well when I beautiful woman calls me strong like you just did, I rarely let them get away"

She continued her big smile and batted her eyelashes. I couldn't tell what she was thinking at this point. But I noticed she didn't have any rings on her fingers, although she had a picture of her with her possible daughters.

"I don't think that's appropriate." She smiled at me. She couldn't resist.

"I think we both know what's appropriate." I grin. She looked away, trying to tear herself away from making a professional mistake.

"Mr. Dawson..." It's too late. I put my hands on her knees lean forward and kiss her. She holds back, then gives in.

"Meet me after work" she tells me.

So I come back at around 5, as she closes the office, and we walk over to her car. We decide on my place, and my mouth waters at the idea of all that fat. We sit down on the sofa, and I change it some porn. She perks up, and I turn and kiss her, hands immediately on her oversized breasts. We make out for a while, and I really can't hesitate to stick me face in her glorious crotch. I bite the lips, and get my fingers in deep while she moans. My whole hand goes in and out, and she moans these little japanese moans. I play around a while longer, then I can't take it anymore. I whip it out and squeeze it between her oversized cunt. She gasps as I start to slide it in and out. I squeeze her tits hard and focus on her rolls as they jiggle with each thrust.

Her quiet little moans just egg me on, and I jackhammer it in for half an our straight, until I think she can bear no more. I bit her nipple hard and cum inside of that love nest. She smiles and we walk back to the bed. By then I want some more so I fuck her face for half an hour, and she laps up the cum.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Last night I went out to Hennesy's, more then a little bit hungry for some pussy. While there i'm typically up to my ears in very beautiful blondes, tonight was a bit of a challenge. A few of the women were passable, but then I saw one that I really wanted to buy a drink. She was coy at first, but after a little bit of chatting she opened up. Turns out she's a teacher from nearbly, lives on Golden Lantern. I noticed she was licking her lips, and she started smiling like she was interested. After a few more drinks, I ask her if she wants to get out of here. She smiles and agrees, and she follows me back to my apartment.

As soon as we get inside, we lock lips with a passionate kiss. She's eager and I push her up against the wall, kissing like mad. She's fierce and she bites my lip, and I wrap my arms around her. After pushing her against the wall for a little bit, i move down to her neck and slide my hands over her breasts. I quickly move to take off her shirt, then her bra, and lick her breasts for a while. She starts moaning with this incredible moan. I move down a little bit, and remove her skirt and get my head deep into her vagina for a while. My god it tastes like heaven. After spending a while down there, I like thighs for a while. Then I stand up and unbuckle.

She hesitantly goes down, and starts play with cock a little bit, while mouthing it. Soon she starts going up and down, incredible pleasure. After about 10 minutes I'm just about cum, so I pull back and recover a few seconds. Like a tiger she stares me in the face and stands back up, and practically jumps onto my cock. I carry her over to the bed and set her down and slowly give her what she wants. She screams like a maniac! I like to finesse it by slowing down occasionally, and slowly going in, and slowly pulling out. Then I started speeding it up.

She's absolutely dying. Just when I don't think she can take any more, I cum deep inside of her. I pull off and lie beside her for a while, catching my breathe. She just looks over and smiles. Whew, I wish it was that easy every night.